Essential Gear You Need

Other than a guitar and amp, there are essential pieces of gear every guitar player should have.  Below is a list of the key pieces of guitar gear you should have and recommendations on which brands and models to buy


Tuner– no matter how good of a player you are, if you are out of tune you wont sound very good.  Make sure you have a good tuner.  You don’t need to go out and buy some super expensive strobe tuner but you should get a tuner from a reputable brand.  I really like my Boss Tu-80 Guitar Tuner And Metronome.  It has both a tuner and metronome.  Its accurate, easy to use and inexpensive.  Boss is one of the biggest names when it comes to guitar electronics.

In the way of tuners, Korg is THE name however.  I really like the Korg Ga-40 Electronic Guitar And Bass Tuner for its accurate no frills tuning.  If you have an acoustic and need a good clip on, the Korg Aw-2G Clip-On Tuner is an excellent choice.  For the player that wants a stompbox type tuner, I love my
Korg Pitchblack Chromatic Pedal Tuner
.  Super accurate and easy to use.  Boss has a great stompbox tuner with their Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner and Power Supply Pedal


Capo– You’re bound to come across a song where you will need a capo.  I guarantee it.  A lot of pop songs use a capo in them especially if you are changing keys to get away from the dreaded barre chords.  They are also great for checking the action on your guitar and making adjustments.  Kyser makes a good one with their quick change line and is easy to put on and take off.  Try to avoid the ones where you have a screw in the back that you have to tighten once the capo is on.  They’re just inconvenient. Check out the Kyser Quick-Change Capo 6-String Black


Strings– Keep extra strings on hand.  You never know when you are going to break one.  Plus if you have strings close, you will more likely change your strings as you should be doing on a regular basis.  My favorite are
Ernie Ball 2221 Nickel Regular Slinky Electric Guitar Strings
 but I really like DR as well.  The Dr Strings Phr10 Pure Blues Nickel Medium Electric Guitar Strings sounds great on my Strat.  D’Addario has awesome deals on bulk packs.


String Winder/Cutter- You’ll appreciate having a winder/cutter combo when you are changing your strings.  It makes life a lot easier and quicker with one of these.  I’ve had my Planet Waves Pro-Winder String Winder/Cutter for years and it works like a charm.


Cleaning Supplies–  Guitars need good hygiene too.  The Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit has everything you need to keep your guitar clean and playing well.


Straplocks– If you’re going to play while standing up, don’t risk your strap coming off your guitar’s strap buttons.  Be sure to use a quality straplock.  I like the Q Parts Metal Series Straplock Chrome Standard.


Guitar Stand– Don’t ever set your guitar on the floor or lean it up against the wall or a chair.  It will get stepped on or fall on the floor.  The Fretrest By Proline Ht1010 Guitar Stand Black is a standard in my studio.  Plus if you have your guitar sitting out (and safe), you’ll be more likely to pick it up and practice.


Music Stand– Having a music stand makes practicing your guitar so much easier.  Laying out your tab book or chord charts on something that you can see in an easy spot makes your practice so much more productive.  The
Proline Pl49 Deluxe Music Stand Black
 is a standard for both myself and my students in my studio.


Guitar Case/Gig Bag–  If you’re going to travel with your guitar or store it, it is essential to have a good case or gig bag for it.  I like the Road Runner brand as they have nice cases and are inexpensive.  I have the
Road Runner Rrmeg Abs Molded Electric Guitar Case
 for my strats.  My Les Paul style guitars travel in the Road Runner Rrmelp Abs Molded Lp Style Guitar Case  For acoustic guitars the Road Runner Rrmadn Abs Molded Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar Case is a good option.