During my guitar playing journey, I have spent too many hours to count looking for the best guitar instructional material that is out there.  I’ve look at and subscribed to the online learn to play guitar sites, I’ve bought dozens and dozens of learn to play guitar DVDs from all of the big name companies.  The collection of guitar instruction books, tips and tricks eBooks, magazines about guitar and tab books that I have is astounding.  I’ve spent more money on all of this than I care to count or share with my wife.


The big thing that really frustrates me about looking for a new source whether it be online subscription, DVD, books etc is all of the marketing and sales hype garbage that you find with each of them.  “be a rock star in 30 days”, “play like Hendrix now!”  “Master the acoustic in your sleep”.  I hate to say it but it’s all garbage.  Practicing hard is the only thing that is going to get you to a high level of competency in playing the guitar.  It does help to have a good set of instructional material to go along with the practice but ones that are full of nothing but marketing hype.


I also started to figure out that a lot of these so called review sites for the products that I was looking for feedback on was nothing more than their own sales pitch that they were making a buck on each time someone ordered the stuff through the reviewers site.  I bought some of the 5 star products from these review sites and guess what?  Junk!  Very disheartening but the search continued.


I am at a point in my guitar playing journey that because of the collection of material and knowledge that I have, I decided to create a sister site to my already popular SixStringMadness and give my readers straight up, HONEST reviews of some of the different learn to play guitar websites, DVDs, books etc that I have experience with.  It takes a while to write a review for each of them so check back often to see if new reviews have been posted and I’ll announce them on SixStringMadness as well.  There are a lot of bad ones out there as well and I don’t want to start bashing and have to deal with the conflict and drama that goes with it so if you don’t see it on the site its either because it’s bad or it could be that I either haven’t reviewed it yet or don’t have experience with it.  Send me an email if you have a suggestion for a learn to play guitar product that you want to see a review on or if you produce a product and are interested in having me review it, contact me.


With all of that said, the bills still need to get paid.  There are some products on The Best Guitar Lessons Online that I receive a commission on if you purchase through the site, BUT I will NEVER promote a product that I didn’t think was quality.  My integrity and drive to help other guitar players comes before an affiliate sale.  I’m not only a webmaster of this site and SixStringMadness but I teach guitar privately in my home studio to some wonderful students.  My integrity and reputation is important so I will never intentionally mislead someone on a purchasing a product that is garbage so I can make a buck.  Rest assured, the reviews you read on TheBestGuitarLessonsOnline are honest and come from my experience with the product and/or the brand.