Ripfire Guitar

Ripfire Guitar


If you have been searching the internet for guitar instruction materials, such as DVDs and Online courses, you’ve no doubt run across  There are a number of GuitarZoom products listed on this site as well as our sister site- SixStringMadness


I really dig the stuff that GuitarZoom has created.  They offer a wide variety of DVDs for practicing guitarists.  The product I will be reviewing is titled “Ripfire”, featuring the man behind GuitarZoom,  Dan Denley.


Ripfire is a massive 20+ DVD package that covers a huge variety of useful tools and skills for any guitar player at any level of playing and seems to be their flagship product for those who are looking to really bump their guitar skills to the next level.


So, what is it and does it really work? Keep reading…



What is Ripfire?

The entire course has over 20 DVDs, with over 30 hours of video instruction and covers a large amount of information for most practicing guitarists.  The DVDs are broken down into several segments:


  1. Just Enough Theory

This DVD is exactly what the title implies.  Here, I found quite a bit of useful music theory without being too complicating.  Dan explains the major scale, and how it applies to everyday music and situations, while explaining how chords are formed, and how they relate to scales (and songs).


  1. Chords Made Simple

This is a section I found very interesting.  Dan takes various everyday chords, and shows how to expand on these by simply changing a note or a fingering here and there, and shows how to connect them together to “spice” up your chord sounds.  There are some really neat chord voicings that he demonstrates that are very easy to make using the basic chords you already know and add a new dimension to your playing.  Really cool stuff!


  1. Crucial Chords

This section covered most useful open chords as well as the primary Barre chords up and down the neck.  Crucial is the key word.  Learn these chords and learn them well!!  Then take these and apply some of the stuff you learned in Chords Made Simple.


  1. Rhythm Roundup

Dan shows a large variety of great strumming patterns and techniques to use in 4/4 and ¾ time signatures.


  1. Killer Chord Combos

Here, Dan shows how to combine chords together, and how easy it is to play songs with them. I found it particularly useful as it really helps to see how so many songs are similar in chord uses!  Its amazing how after learning a few chords and a couple of different strum patterns, you can play a gazillion different songs.


And the list goes on and on.  There are more tools for the most important facets of playing guitar, chords and strumming, and how they go together.  This course shows exactly how to put things together and make music more understandable, as well as more fun to learn.


What is included?

In addition to the complete DVD course, there are a host of other add-ons:


  1. Guitar Instruction Book

This book contains over 250 pages, and literally covers EVERYTHING that’s in the DVDs. A great companion to the course, it contains pictures as well to make explanation simple.


  1. 50 Must Know Guitar Techniques

In this included course, Dan shows a HUGE variety of various techniques, such as fingerpicking, how to play blues, picking advice, and many others.  What’s nice about this course is that you can choose what is most interesting to you, and skip the others. This is a great place to go for new ideas.




  1. Jam Tracks

There are a bunch of CDs included for you to “jam” to, using the techniques you have been learning thru the courses.  I cant stress how important it is to use jam tracks in your playing.  It really takes your playing to the next level


  1. Blues Guitar Secrets

This course explains how to play the blues from scratch.  It contains over 3 hours of video, a host of jam tracks and a book as well.


  1. And more..

There are a number of other courses and helpful items included, which help to continue your education in a variety of other sections, so your knowledge of a particular idea on the guitar just keeps expanding…


Does it work?

If you ask me, yes.  A course like this lets you learn from the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace, with the ability to move around to various areas of development as you see fit.  You don’t have to start at the beginning and move thru the entire course, you simply choose what you need, and dive in.  Learning guitar is not linear and with this course, it gives you the ability to choose your own adventure.


Another thing that makes this a success for me is the instructor, Dan Denley.  Dan is great guy and really knows how to come down to the level of a learning guitarist and demonstrate what he is teaching.  His explanations are simple and to the point, and easy to follow.


The videos and the included booklet follow each other to the letter, which makes is less likely to get lost or confused.  The video examples are easy to see, nothing goes too fast, and Dan takes his time when explaining each new idea.


Like any DVD course, the great thing about video is the ability to watch segments over and over until you develop the concept, then you can move forward.


All in all, I would recommend this as a great product to push yourself in the right direction.  With a positive and fun attitude, Dan seems to bring everything together in a great way, and the website also has tech support, so if you have problems or questions, there is a team waiting to help you!  Its a great all around course.

At $159, it’s not the cheapest course out there but for everything you get with the course, it’s definitely worth it.  This course is not for the casual player.  You have to be serious about developing as a guitar player and make the committment.  If you are, $159 is a small price to pay.

Click the link below and watch a video of Dan giving more details of the Ripfire course and find out if you have what it takes to master this course.