kids rock guitar

Kids Rock Guitar

Kids Rock Guitar– Dan Denley of Guitar Guru Secrets released a new course called Kids Rock Guitar.  This is a great course for not only children of all ages but any beginning guitar player to get them up and playing quickly.  The course features guitar instructor Steve Stine who is currently Professor of Modern Guitar Studies at the North Dakota State University. Steve goes through the essential things needed to begin your guitar journey in the most efficient manner so you’re up and playing quickly.  This course is really intended for the raw beginner.  Steve Stine is the same instructor that teaches the 96 Rock Licks course.

It’s an excellent course for those that are just starting out.  The name of the course is really misleading.  It’s not just for kids but as I’ve mentioned good for anyone that is just starting out with the guitar.  If you can get past the title of the course and the cheesy graphic, the course material is really solid and Steve Stine does an awesome job in teaching the basics.

The course contains 10 DVDs, 96 jam tracks, printed lesson book and the complete course in online version as well.  If you are a raw beginner, this course will take you to an intermediate level.

Check out some sample videos from the course-

Kids Rock Guitar Samples

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