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Free Pentatonic Scale ebook

The pentatonic scale is probobly the most widely used scale in blues and rock music.  Guitarist have devoted their entire careers to this one scale.  If there is a single scale you should learn, study and master, the pentatonic scale is it!  Everyone from Kirk Hammet to Zakk Wylde to Jimmy Page to SRV made their careers with this scale.

Bob Murnahan over at Lead Guitar Tactics has put together an incredible 35 page e-book that introduces you to the pentatonic scale and gets you started playing licks from the scale right away.  Best of all, the book is FREE!  There are 15 lessons in total.  Some of the lessons include

  • Pentatonic Scale Patterns
  • Scale Fingerings
  • Typical Blues Licks
  • Blues Scale
  • Guitar Riffs
  • Passing Tones
  • Putting It All Together
Click here to get your FREE copy!  It really is an excellent resource to introduce you to the most widely used scale in blues and rock.
About Bob Murnahan- Bob is a 36 year guitar veteran and endorsed by Godin Guitars.  He teaches privately to roughly 40 students a week and has produced some excellent resources on blues and rock guitar.
Pentatonic Power

Once you have had a chance to look through the free ebook and still crave more, check out my review on his Pentatonic Power program.