guitar guru secrets

Guitar Guru Secrets

Guitar Guru Secrets  Another awesome program for learning to play the guitar is Dan Denley’s Guitar Guru Secrets.  He has an excellent web based program that includes dozens and dozens of different topics.  Some of the topics include-

  • basic chords
  • power chords
  • blues riffs
  • finger exercises
  • soloing with the pentatonic scale
  • strum patterns
  • lead guitar licks and tricks
  • barre chords
  • scales

Check out a short video by Dan where he shows an excellent finger dexterity exercise that even I teach to all of my private students.  He also discusses what it takes to be good at playing guitar.  I’ll give you a hint.  Its not talent or some natural born instinct.  He will also show you how to make 60 chords with just a couple of basic shapes.

Here is what you’ll find in the dvds

Topics: Guitar Guru Secrets DVDs 1 & 2
DVD 1 

  • ID Parts of the Electric  & Acoustic Guitar
  • Tuning
  • Reading TAB
  • Finger Strength Exercises
  • String Names & Numbers
  • 1st Chords (open-position)
  • Major chords: A, C, E, G, D
  • Minor chords: Am, Em, Dm
  • 3/4 Time
DVD 2 

  • Barre Chords, root 6th String
  • Barre Chords, root 5th String
  • How to change major chords into minor (and vice-versa)
  • Whole/Half Formula for major scales
  • How to create major scales from scratch on any string and any fret
  • C-Major Scale (4-fret pattern)
  • Strumming Patterns (5 must-know examples)

The fun doesnt stop though.  He also includes 3 bonus gifts: 18 Full Band Jam-Tracks, the 20 Quickfire Exercises, and the complete Blues Guitar Basics course for FREE.

If you’re serious about learning to play the guitar and are looking for a quality comprehensive program than Guitar Guru Secrets is what you want.  There is no bullshit, hidden fees or anything else.  Dont like it?  Its easy to cancel. You dont even need to call anyone.  You can cancel right on the site. Keep the free stuff and move on.  I think you’ll enjoy the course though.

The cool thing about Guitar Guru Secrets is that  you can sign up for a FREE no risk 30 day trial of Guitar Guru Secrets.  Not only will you get 30 days free to check it out but you will also get 2 free dvds mailed to you (there is a small shipping and handling fee of $9.95.  The post office has to get paid right?)  that you can keep no matter whether you sign up beyond the free 30 day trial or cancel within the 30 days.  This is the only program that I have seen that offers the free DVDs.
You really cant lose.  For a 10 dollar bill for shipping you get 2 dvds sent to you, the 3 bonus gifts mentioned above and 30 days free access to Guitar Guru Secrets online lessons.
Although the DVDs are more geared toward the beginner, The online stuff covers a broad range of topics that I would think all levels can get something out of.