Jamplay–  an online lesson membership program. Jamplay has really grown in the last several years since they started.  They cover such a wide array of genres and musical tastes.  They now have 45 teachers and over 2,000 lessons in HD.  If you want to learn it, Jamplay has a lesson on it.  The cool thing about Jamplay is that they have so many instructors that if you dont like the style of one, there are 44 more to pick from.  Great site for all levels of player to Learn to Play Guitar Online.  I actually used JamPlay several years ago to relearn to play guitar after a 15 year hiatus.  I definitley think they are an excellent site for beginners.  Some of the instructors are a bit odd and actually bothered me but with 45 of them, I simply chose the videos of a different instructor.

The cost is a bit higher than say GuitarTricks as JamPlay is $19.95/month but if you purchase the 3 month plan, it comes out to $16.65/month and a year subscription comes out to only $11.66/month.  So if you buy a longer term subscription it gets pretty cheap.


The JamPlay Chord Library was built with the guitar student in mind: an easy to use, comprehensive display of all chords available.  More than any guitar player would ever need.

In addition, this library gives you the ability to make custom, printable chord sheets, perfect for managaing your practice routine or saving a chord progression.  They also have an extensive scale library to help you with your solo and improvisation skills.

Paired with their Scale Library,  the JamTracks provide you with everything you need to refine your lead playing.  JamPlay also has fun interactive games to help you improve your skills in fretboard memorization, note identification and music notation.  Another really cool feature is the massive and I mean MASSIVE libary of videos that teach you individual licks and riffs to help give you ideas to create your own music

Final Thoughts

Compared to a similar guitar membership site like Guitar Tricks,  JamPlay does cost a little more per month ($19.95 to $14.95) However, the monthly fee is still quite modest, compared to what you would pay for private guitar lessons and a bit cheaper than GuitarJamz which is $29/month

The only real downside with JamPlay is that you have the be online with a good broadband connection to enjoy the best possible experience. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to download the videos to your computer for offline viewing.

If you are serious about learning to play the guitar and enjoy the idea of being part of a guitar learning community, you should definitely give JamPlay a serious look. At least check out the free lessons they offer on the site to see if you like it. JamPlay is suitable for guitar learners of all levels, and it’s definitely a fun and enjoyable way to learn the guitar.


Check out the interactive sample lesson player below to check out some of the different things you can learn with JamPlay