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Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks– Guitar Tricks has to be one of my favorite online guitar lesson sites.  They have won a number of awards including Players Choice by Acoustic Guitar magazine in 2011 and the 2011 Davey Awards.  They have a large number of instructors that do a very good job at teaching and have likable personalities.   They also cover all styles of music.  The song lesson section is huge and there are a lot of songs on there that you dont find on other sites.  They are very similar to JamPlay in features and such.  They both offer something a little different from eachother though.  If I had to pick one, I would go with Guitar Tricks.

One powerful feature of Guitar Tricks is that almost every video guitar lesson includes supplemental material such as diagrams, exercises, and tablature. They also give you the option to print the lesson material.

Probably the coolest feature of Guitar Tricks is that they actually allow you download the video lesson to your computer.  That has to be one of the biggest downsides to membership sites. recognized that and allows you to download their video lessons.   Most online video guitar sites don’t allow you to do this.

Guitar Tricks has an active community forum that many of their members regularly contribute to.  There are specific forums where you can interact with the instructors in case you have questions about a lesson.

How the site is Organized:

You can view the site’s diverse course material by category. They have all major guitar genres represented including, acoustic, alternative, jazz, funk, metal, bluegrass and more. They also have a nice catagory called “Artist Studies” where a lesson is focused on teaching the a style and the techniques of a specific artist.  Some of the current artists on there include Angus Young, James Hetfield, BB King, Iron Maiden and David Gilmore.  Other categories include chords, exercises, techniques, theory, reference, and beginners.  As I mentioned before the song category is huge and icludes a lot of songs that you wont see on other sites.  This was a huge bonus for me as I was getting sick of seeing the same songs being taught and offered me that variety.

In conclusion I can say that GuitarTricks is a huge video guitar lesson database, which is suitable for all player skill levels. Because of the wide variety of material available on the site, it might be tempting to skip around.  I would suggest taking some time to look around the site to see what it has to offer and use their bookmark feature to save your favorites and then get to work.  They also have their Core Learning System (see image below) that guides you through the most important lessons you need to learn based on the style you choose. The only gripe that I have is that the quality of some of the older videos werent as good as the newer stuff but technology has improved a lot in the last 10 years GuitarTricks has been around so its understandable.  The content of the lessons is solid though.  Guitar Tricks is a incredibly affordable online video guitar lessons site with helpful tools and experienced instructors that will help you improve as a guitar player.  Easily my favorite online membership site for learning guitar.


Guitar Tricks Core Learning System